Revised intro for Warhammer FRP

As I mentioned in my recent Viewport, I have been working on a revision for the intro credits to our Warhammer FRP storyline. The one we were using were very basic, since they were created years ago at this point. To me, they were very dated and basic, I have learned a lot about Davinci Resolve and how to animate and edit the material, so I wanted to refresh them a bit.

The new format is in line with our Kingmaker and Traveller storylines, and much more professional at least in my mind. The main story content is unchanged, this is really just a flashier introduction to the story for each session.

This also gives me a template from which I can quickly and easily modify as characters and players change, which seems to be somewhat common in our Warhammer game.

Warhammer FRP Intro credits

As always, leave me a comment if you like or dislike the new format, or just have some suggestions for improvement.


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