Legion Battle Report 085

Our latest battle report is uploading and processing on YouTube currently, available immediately for members, or on Friday for everyone as normal. This was a step back for our group, a chance to help one of our players really learn the tricks and tactics of their chosen faction. Andy is one of our friendlier players but has had limited time to play. Since we tend to build new armies every time we have a match, the combination makes it difficult to really understand the faction – especially for the Rebels which are already very specialized.

Since we had a break due to our rescheduled Axis & Allies game, I offered a short series of training battles for Andy – play a single Rebel army against each of the other three main factions (Empire, Separatist and Republic). Along the way, experiment and learn the units, along with their strengths and weaknesses, with advice and guidance from our other players. We recorded these games over a rapid fire 3-day period, but the end results were remarkable and significant.

Our first battle is with the Rebels facing off against the Empire in a Hostage Exchange scenario.

YouTube – Star Wars Legion Playlist

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