Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 2.8 (or so)

This last Sunday was the latest session of our ongoing “new players” campaign for Pathfinder, using the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.  To cover the background in very brief, this is a group of young players and parents, none of whom have played before, learning Pathfinder together as a team.  Originally, it was set for 5 players, but it rapidly exploded to a group of 10, which adds its own challenged.  However, to date, everyone seems to fully enjoy the game and be fully vested in the storyline.

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Feeling better

Managed to spend my weekend fighting the flu, which made the weekend a bit of a waste, but managed to start recovering by this morning.  Of course, it didnt help that the weekend was filled with activities and commitments, between kids’ basketball all Saturday, and our ongoing Pathfinder game on Sunday.  Still not sleeping solidly, but the body aches and stuffiness appear to be gone, so I can try to get back to work and focus on various tasks.

Rise of the Runelords – Batman reference

During this last Sunday’s game, we had a situation come up that ended up dating myself and several of the adults, while the kids looked at us as being crazy.  I had referenced a scene in the old Tim Burton Batman, in which the Joker drops a giant bell down the tower, to stop Batman and the cops from pursuing.  It happened to match nearly exactly the situation in the ongoing story.  For reference for those younger kids, here is that scene:

Caught by the flu bug

Although I tend to lose my momentum anyway, this week is extra hard, as I have managed to catch a (hopefully short) flu bug.  Dealing with body aches and headaches, and minor fevers.  Of course, my real job doesnt really take sick days, so I am traveling for work at the same time.  Between that, and all the late night support calls and meetings, it makes it a very tiring week.  So far, I am managing to keep to my goal of a single post every day, but it will definitely be nice to get home where I can rest, recover, and manage to focus on hobbies and interests more.

Twitter challenges

Continuing to struggle with the site configuration a bit.  I recently added a new theme, which has a much cleaner interface, and there will likely be cosmetic changes over the next few weeks.  However, one side challenge I keep facing is the auto-Twitter feed, which is supposed to link a connection each time a new post is published.  For some reason, that is not working, and has not since the initial post.  Might see a few miscellaneous test posts as a result, until I can sort out why it isn’t working.  That being said, if you wish to follow my feed, please subscribe to @Halfling1101, or select any of the Twitter links.

Although I use Facebook and other social media, I don’t link to them thru this site, preferring to keep those sources private (and admittedly rarely used).  Not that I post to Twitter all the much, but fortunately it is relatively automated.

Update – seems this latest one published to Twitter successfully, though prior ones did not.  Not sure what the difference was, I don’t believe I did anything differently.

Ark: Survival Evolved

As may have been noticed near the bottom of this site, I have been managing a set of private unofficial Ark: Survival Evolved servers.  These are intended primarily for personal and family use, but if I know you personally, and you are a player of Ark, you may be welcome to join us.  Originally, the server was (and continues to be) The Island, but recently thanks to a Steam sale on the expansion, we have added a Scorched Earth instance.  At this point, these seems to be our primary focus, surviving the heat and lack of water while being eaten (repeatedly) by hostile critters.

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