• Star Wars: Armada

    Over Christmas, I acquired the Star Wars Armada game, and have been playing quite a bit with my oldest son.  So far, we are really enjoying the game, I have always been fond of capital ship scale war games.  George settled on the Empire as his side of choice, the big ships are just very…

  • Pathfinder’s Rise of the Runelords campaign

    Not that I have been posting for a while (what with the dead site and all), but I have been actively running a brand new group of players thru the Pathfinder campaign module The Rise of the Runelords, since approximately June 2016.  It started out as a small group of my son’s friends, and rapidly…

  • Twitter is tweeting again

    With the restart of the site, it was necessary to re-establish the Twitter link.  If you wish to follow site updates and other miscellaneous news, feel free to follow me on @Halfling1101 (binary 13).  If you are following, you should get a tweet whenever there is a site update (I rarely tweet directly).

  • Another restart 🙁

    So after several months, I have finally seemed to get a handle on the technical difficulties, and get my miscellaneous website up and running again.  In the process, I have lost all the prior content, and have lost several months of time.  I would claim this is due to the difficulty, but in truth it…