Inquisitors – Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister

The latest expansion to the Star Wars Legion game came out on Friday, with the Inquisitors, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. As is typical, I acquired a set of the models, and set about prepping them for use in our games. Fortunately, both figures have a fairly basic paint scheme, so this did not really take very long with contrast paints – they were assembled on Friday, painted on Saturday, ready for gaming on Sunday.

We will be filming new battle reports in the next few weeks, and will no doubt include the operatives, to try out their abilities. Personally, not really that interested in more Empire reinforcements, but they do seem to have all the options. It will be interesting to see how well they operate, especially with an operative heavy Imperial force.

Although the models were simple, the layers of grey and black proved challenging, especially with my older eyes. As normal, my goal is “table-ready”, and with that I succeeded. However, the detail that the camera captures show off just how rough some of the details are and highlights the lack of eye detail on each figure.

Colors used are predominantly Black Templar (items), Black Legion (dark clothing), and Basilicanum Grey (light clothing). Sabers are neon red over a white base. Bases are finished with a layer of Magna Orange (Army Painter) under a texture of Mordant Earth.

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