Pathfinder update – Rise of the Runelords “crawl”

We continue to progress on the Rise of the Runelords campaign, though I am many sessions behind on the videos and podcasts.  The biggest challenge at this though seems to be the slow crawl of progression – between a complex high-level game (the characters are level 11 now), and a very large group of 10 players, our 5 hour gaming sessions seem to make very little progress.  This last round, we conducted a single combat, and barely started a second.  Admittedly the second combat was finished, but more due to group creativity removing the foe from any interaction than any real combat.  With 10 players, and having to continue to go over the mechanics and rules repeatedly over the session, our progress seems to be slower than a snail.  I guess the good news is that would make the video editing faster, since there is very little content, but it is still a multi-hour process, which is part of why I am so far behind.

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