GURPs Warhammer – session 1

Finally had a chance to start our long-awaited GURPs campaign, though we unfortunately did not get as far as hoped.  After our prior session, there was some desire to modify characters, and we added 2 additional players who had to start from the beginning.  As a result, we did not actually begin the real story until late into the session, and then we unexpectedly had a conflict with our location, and had to cut the session short.

However, we did manage to establish the characters and get the story going.  I don’t have all the names yet, but I do have a basic run down on the concepts and designs:

  • Jennifer is playing an Elven Outlaw, who is wanted for undefined crimes, but thus far has not been caught.  With her bow, she camps outside of the little village, to avoid any unwanted attention
  • Ben is playing a Human Ex-Convict, a servant who in a blind rage murdered his prior employer.  He was initially sentenced to death, but managed to escape prisoner before his fate was sealed, and he now is hiding in the forest near town along with the Elf.
  • Andy is playing a Human Swamp-Skimmer, who collects salvage from the nearby swamps and marshlands for trade in town.  He is the current go-between for the group, with some members hiding in the forest while others reside comfortably within the village.
  • Justin is playing a Dwarf Trollslayer, a strong warrior who was disgraced and banished from Dwarven lands.  He finds himself in the village drinking and looking for a means of an honorable combat death.
  • Carter is playing a Dwarf Rogue, associate of the Trollslayer, and friendly scoundrel around town.
  • George is playing an Elf Priest, a recent graduate of the church’s training, and a would-be spreader of the gospel.  He is overly eager to please his companions, and willing to help anyone in need, or go the extra mile when tasked by the church

The group is starting at the small village of Fluorin, just north of Geschburg, in the region of Wissenland of the Empire.  I don’t have a lot of details for the “official” town statistics, but I have described Fluorin as a small village of perhaps 80 or so families, with a standing militia/guard of perhaps 6 or 7.  The village is a sleeping farming town, with only a few dirt roads, and a single large tavern and inn.  It is close enough to Geschburg to occasionally see traffic, but far enough off the main roads to escape much real notice.  Currently the town is preparing for the annual Harvest Festival, to be held in 3 days time.

After some interaction with the town, and consideration of their options, the group settled upon a small quest from the local general store owner, to investigate a missing wagon.  He had ordered a shipment of alcohol, for the upcoming festival, but the delivery had not arrived yet.  As such, he had requested the group (specifically the rogue) to go down to road to Geschburg, and try to find the wagon, and return with his goods.  Time was short, since the festival was due to start in only a couple of days.

Eagerly, the group jumped on the adventure, and together they set off into the dark of the night (they had been hired in the evening, and opted to leave immediately).  A few hours walk brought them deep into the dark forest, with only the light of their torch to guide them.  Along the road, they found the wagon, its contents gone, and the draft horse slain, with no sign of the driver.  Instead, a set of small footprints lead east into the forest.

Following the trail into the forest, the group began to discover that perhaps they were not skilled for this sort of task, as they quickly lost the trail and became lost in the forest itself.  After wandering in the dark for many minutes, unsure of the direction to go, the priest smelled campfire smoke on the wind, and they could spot a bit of light up ahead.  For stealth, the group doused their torch, though that left the humans blind in the dark and barely able to move thru the thick undergrowth, as the elves and dwarves moved forward…

Unfortunately, it was at this point we were informed that our gaming location had a prior commitment, and we had to cut the session short.  To be continued at our next session.

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