GURPs Warhammer

Been pondering my options for a new campaign for the new year, something to replace our existing Hero System Champions campaign (which has faltered and stalled out with the holidays), and have come up with an interest in a Warhammer Fantasy world setting.  However, the current version of Warhammer Fantasy is rather out of date (and I don’t have the Fantasy Flight version) – and I have a number of hang-ups on the system itself.  In general, the rpg system options are bad, but the setting is great.

On the other hand, I really like the general rule set for GURPs (any edition) – it works well, is balanced, and provides a scalable level of detail as desired.  However, GURPs has always had a lot of difficulty with setting.  Although there are several published options, for the most part they are rather generic and really require the campaign to create much of the content.

Thus two halves of a better whole – combining the setting material of Warhammer with the rules mechanics of GURPs, thus creating GURPs Warhammer.

Of course, this will require a bit of work to organize and document the overall process, especially since a few of the potential players are new to both the setting as well as the GURPs mechanics.  In addition, I am looking to do some basic system modifications, nothing that will break the system, but changes that I feel will improve the game and make it more Warhammer-like.

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