Zombicide: Black Plague – The Black Book

Had a chance to play Zombicide Black Plague again yesterday, after a rather abbreviated Pathfinder session.  Unfortunately, several of the regular players were unavailable, and another had to leave early, so we initially had planned to switch to Zombicide for the second half of the session.  However, my packing organization sabotaged us, and I forgot the actual board at home – so we had to abandon the game with the remaining group as well.

As a consolation, Carter was able to join George and I to play a bit at home, and we managed a rather rushed game of Mission 2 – The Black Book.  The initial start was rough – an abomination spawned immediately – and the group was a bit scattered since Carter wasn’t that familiar with the game.  As a result, they fought a slowly withdrawing fight, as the zombie horde continued to grow, and ended up doing surprisingly well.  One particularly good move was some lucky Dragon Bile and a Torch, which finally finished off the abomination and friends, and scored the survivor 23 experience points in one action.  Unfortunately by then, the horde had grown out of control, and the remaining undead quickly overwhelmed the remaining survivors.

Lots of fun was had by both players, and the painting of the survivors was very well received.  My next goal now is to wrap up the last survivors, and then start painting the horde itself.  My overly optimistic goal is to finish everything by Thanksgiving, though admittedly Christmas is more likely (there are a lot of zombies).

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