FreeNAS configuration – the starting point

This listing will end up rather technical, but it is mainly for my own use, to catalog my current FreeNAS configuration and hardware specs.  If you find it useful to model after, so much the better.  As for general performance, I have been very happy with FreeNAS.  As a comparison, we as a family routinely run 2 or 3 720p video streams from Plex, or 2 1080p video streams, with rarely any issues and virtually no lag or buffering.  This while the server is also handling all the other activities like Crashplan backups, downloads, etc.

Should be noted, this is not a guarantee of performance or capabilities – your mileage may vary – but this is a solid budget hardware layout for a FreeNAS system.

FreeNAS version: FreeNAS-Corral-10.0.4


Containers (all mounted in a single Docker VM):

  • Couchpotato
  • Crashplan
  • Mylar
  • NZBget
  • NextCloud
  • Plex
  • ResilioSync
  • Sonarr
  • WordPress

NFS and SMB filesharing

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