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My thanks to @kenSwinson for their help and troubleshooting with ActivityPub integration into WordPress (visit their website at Although I thought it was a simple matter of loading a plugin, it turned out to be a little bit more complex. Technical process really is that simple – just load the plugin and configure. However, the real difference is how the data presents itself and the connections are utilized.

ActivityPub’s plugin allows for a connection between this website (using WordPress) and a Federated site like Mastodon. Thru whatever programming magic, it creates an entity on Mastodon to post website updates, then provides a handshake to sync responses as comments on the website. The end result is a single coordinated entity, where both systems maintain update each other.

However, it does require some differences – the main one being the posting ID on Mastodon. In the past, I used @Halfling13 on my Mastodon server, (combined profile of With the ActivityPub integration, the posting id instead becomes The system then registers anything posted on WordPress as a new Mastodon post, and any responses to Mastodon postings come back as comments on WordPress. A key limitation however is that only new postings since following the account seem to sync – if you follow now, any previous postings do not link, only future ones.

The other big challenge is that this new account is not actually managed via a logon on Mastodon, like I had assumed. Instead, it is a setting and configuration thru the WordPress site, which provides access to any followers and followed accounts, and the ability to modify them.

As a secondary addon, I also configured the Friends plugin, which supposedly works in concert and will auto-follow anyone who ends up following the site. I haven’t had much to really dig into with that module yet, but hopefully it will continue to help the site grow.


One response to “ActivityPub update”

    Thanks for letting me help test your setup. I don't think i'm ready to add it to my website yet, but the future of open web looks really good!

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