Stable end to a long week

Its the end of a long week, and we have a big snow storm supposedly coming in this evening.  Initially, the prediction was for 8+ inches of snow on top of a layer of ice – that has since been reduced to only a few inches.  Of course that doesn’t stop the locals from panic, and stocking up on milk and bread.

My computer migration efforts are wrapped up now, the website is running comfortably on the hosting site, and Nextcloud is purged from the environment.  A reboot of FreeNAS, and the HTPC is working well also, with everything responsive, at least for now.

Wrapping up the long work week, I have our bi-weekly Pathfinder session this Sunday, which should continue to be entertaining.  The group continues to explore and investigate the lower levels of the Stone Giant stronghold, looking to find and defeat the leader, and end the threat to Varisia.

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