Hero System – episode 3

Running a little bit behind schedule, but should be wrapping up the audio podcast for the last Hero System game this evening, or early tomorrow.  Condensed down very well – a 8 hour session only had about 30 minutes of content, thanks to a combat heavy session.  Going to experiment with sound effects to spice up the audio a bit, but may or may not continue with that for future episodes.

Laptop upgrade

Spending the evening working on the wife’s laptop, to upgrade the factory stock SSD drive from 512 GB to a new 1 TB SSD drive.  Most of the effort is relatively easy (cloning the drive), but the real challenge will be the actual replacement.  For various reasons, laptops these days no longer have the “easy” access thru the bottom, now it is required to remove the keyboard and go in thru the top.  The work isn’t that complicated, but can be challenging to keep everything straight (and not lose the small screws).  Fingers crossed it goes without issue.

Welcome to a new author – GameKnight99

Although the audience for this website continues to stay small, I am able to announce that the “staff” of contributors has doubled.  Not that any of this is a paid effort, but my oldest son has decided that he wishes to help contribute, so we have set him up with the ability to add screenshots and material, under his chosen pseudonym of GameKnight99.  For now, the activity will likely be limited to in-game screenshots from Ark: Survival Evolved, but hopefully it will expand into posts and additional content, perhaps even some gaming videos of his own.  He already is involved in most of my video and podcast content, but more as a participant than a creator.

Beaver nooooo!!

Today I went and got my beaver and accidentally killed it. So there was a update that gave a tranq dart turret. So I built it up then when out to find a beaver. I found this one place out in the woods that had beavers so I placed it down and it took me a little bit to figure it out. So it stared to tranq everything! I found a 168 out of the batch so I tamed it then went home.

YouTube progress update

Over the weekend, I spotted a notification that YouTube was altering the monetization process (how you make money on YouTube).  Specifically, until a channel has 10,000 views or more, they simply won’t play advertisements or monetize – the channel is too small.  By all means, I don’t blame them, they need to make sure that they are not wasting time on the small startups, before they become sizable enough to matter.

Would you like to know more?

Paint Effort Fail

So my first attempt ended dismally, with paint pretty much everywhere except the intended location.  I have since ordered and replaced the paint set (which is being handed down to my wife for craft projects).  In the meantime, I did manage to salvage what little video there was, though I have edited out the associated audio to keep it family friendly.

The disaster ended up with a new pair of pants, a replacement shirt, and a few hours of cleaning the wall, desk, and floor.  In the end, the miniature was barely touched by the intended paint.