Zombicide: Black Plague – Necromancer

Having finished the core set of 6 survivors, I then began on the villains of the game.  I had planned on starting the Abomination, but ended up starting with the Necromancer.  The basecoat had me concerned, the piece began to become very muddy with the various dark colors, but after the highlighting, the detail started to come out.  In particular, I was rather happy with the face and head, after the recommended layers.  The skull and staff as well managed to turn out well.  As before, this round benefited from my new glasses, especially around the waist and decorations, but unfortunately I missed the second red sash until after the highlighting.  In my case, I opted to ignore it, and leave the second piece as simply an extension of the cloak, but those familiar with the piece or who look closely may spot the error.

Zombicide: Black Plague – Silas the Elf

The last of the Black Plague base set survivors is Silas, the Elven Archer.  As far as elves go, this one was ok, but nothing that great.  Admittedly, as an archer, I would expect the pose to include the bow, but instead he is armed with a sword (with the bow on his back).  Overall, the sculpt is fine, but the colors combo is very heavy with the greens, several of which don’t have too much contrast.  The red for the undershirt is helpful to break things up, but it still ends up rather basic.  Again, the detail was much easier to pick out with my new glasses, so I was much happier with the final result.

Zombicide: Black Plague – Samson the Dwarf

First of the next batch is Samson, the Dwarven warrior.  He is rather short, like most dwarves, but with a lot of detail molded into his muscles and armor.  Overall I was rather happy with this one, there was enough detail to challenge me, but not so much that it required numerous recoats.  If anything, the armor and pants tend to blend in a little too much in coloring, the shaded grey of the armor and shaded blue-grey of the boots ended up rather close to the same color.  The painting was aided by my new reading glasses, which actually allowed me to pick out much of the detail of the figure.

Basecoats Complete

First of the next wave of Zombicide figures, complete with the basecoat.  As I write this, they are drying with their washes applied, but are not yet ready for drybrushing.  Final figures to be posted, likely starting Friday.

Holiday gaming schedule

With the holidays fast approaching, our various gaming activities start to become much more hit and miss.  In particular, Pathfinder is winding down a bit – our game this last Sunday only last about 2 hours before we just didn’t have enough of the party to continue.  The Hero game is suffering similar issues due to real-life scheduling problems, we didn’t game last time, and this weekend has already been cancelled.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas, we likely will drop at least one or two more games in the next couple of months – more if vacation plans for the players interfere.  Overall, not unexpected, I deal with similar issues every year.  And the silver lining is that perhaps it will give me time to get caught up on the backlog of session recordings I have been collecting, or finish painting the zombie hordes.

More painting

The next round of painting should be finishing up the survivors, and starting the Necromancer and Abomination.  After these, the last stage is the zombie hordes themselves, which will likely be batched out in bulk over the next couple of weeks.  I will post updates as I go, but for now I have the blank figures themselves, which should be starting the painting process Tuesday night.