Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3, part 7

Finished the video earlier than typical this week, partially due to an abbreviated game session, and partially due to a long travel week for work.  And mainly because I made a focused effort to get it done early, so I can attempt my plans at painting miniatures this next week.

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New consideration for the painting projects

If you have been a follower of this site (not sure those exist), then you may have read a couple weeks ago that I was inspired to start painting miniatures again with my recent purchase of Zombicide: Black Plague.  I even went so far as to create a subject-specific YouTube channel to create and post videos.  Of course, I then failed to follow thru on the project, partially due to distractions and scheduling, but mainly do to my own laziness.  I am still very interested in tackling that project, but it seems very difficult to find the time to sit down, paint, and work on the video content.

However, I am also finding that with my work schedule and travel schedule, I have frequent evenings while I travel, where I honestly have very little else to do.  My thought earlier this week was that those evenings might be a good time to multi-task and tackle the painting.  Of course, that means I have to carry the painting and camera gear with me, but it also means that I am free of family distractions.  My thought is that this will make it easier to make some progress.

If so, and assuming all my old paint supplies are still usable, my plan is to attempt this next week.  With editing and such, I expect the video may be able to be posted the following week.  Fingers crossed, though I am not holding my breath 🙂

Video process updates

A while ago I tried to document and post my process in editing and preparing video content, which of course was immediately obsoleted by myself changing said process.  As such, I have revised the content, and now have it posted as a static page instead.  The intent here is to update the page directly, as the process changes, rather than having miscellaneous posts.

As I have mentioned before as well, I am always looking for assistance with editing, if there is anyone even remotely interested in the process.  Although I can’t pay for any effort, it is a decent way to get some experience, and I can say there is very little pressure or chance to mess something up.  Worse case, I end up doing the editing myself, which is what I am already doing – I just can’t keep up with the volume as of yet.

Video Publishing

Fan Art

The game is obviously working when it starts to inspire fan art.  One of our players decided to draw the trolls which recently attempted to eat the group.  Surprisingly accurate to the Pathfinder official artwork, though perhaps not as intimidating as they typically are.  Credit to Ben for his illustration.

At the same time, word is that at least one of the players has been inspired to right their own novelization of the game, though I haven’t been able to read it yet.

If you are feeling inspired as well, let me know, and I can share your work as well.

Pathfinder chapter 3.7

Another round of Pathfinder, and another lengthy video and audio collection to edit.  This last game included an attempt to add in Fantasy Grounds to provide some visual aids to the group, which would have also allowed for some initiative graphics in the video – unfortunately my laptop plans fell apart at the start of the game and I could not get the software to work properly.  Ended up giving up on the idea for now, but will likely try again at the next session.

I also found some additional royalty-free music options, which may allow me to add some interest to the video itself.

Overall, the session was a bit shorter than normal, we only gamed for about 3 hours, instead of our typical 5 hours, so once the video is processed it will likely be shorter as well.  Of course, since I am traveling for work over the next couple of weeks, my time to actually edit the video will be limited again.