Wedding fun

Attending a cousin’s wedding this weekend in Indiana, should be a good time.  Unfortunately, my editing of the Pathfinder game will take another delay, but hopefully I can still get it finished before next weekend.  Doesn’t help that I am scheduled to be back in Toledo next week as well, which makes all the computer based work take that much longer.

Star Wars Armada – Fleet Ambush

Finished the video for the latest Armada game, with a bit of scheduling difficulty.  500 points of Rebel vs Empire in a Fleet Ambush mission (Rebel’s being ambushed).  Video is up on YouTube already.

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Double-feature of videos

The wife had a suggestion this last weekend that George and I attempt a game of Star Wars Armada before the regularly scheduled Pathfinder session – challenge accepted.  Unfortunately, this lead to a rather rushed Armada game, though both sides put up a valiant effort.  More troubling however is that this also means I have 2 videos to edit this week, which means they likely will take a bit longer than normal.  Hopefully will be able to get them processed and finalized by this weekend, and will upload them as soon as possible.

Adding to the time is my evolving work flow, which although I have posted about it over the last several days, continues to change.  Already a number of the steps have changed, and a few further steps likely will as well.  No doubt I will post an addendum and updated process after this round.

My editing process, part 1

In a number of my recent posts, I have been linking to YouTube videos on my channel, or talking about a lot of my challenges both with video and audio.  In general though, I haven’t really talked about the process by which I actually go thru the editing.  That being said, my process is still evolving – I am not a video editor by trade – and almost all of my methods are self taught (and probably very inefficient).

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Condensed Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.3

After a lengthy editing session, I have managed to distill the latest game session video to a far more reasonable 52 minutes of length, compared to the original 5 hour session.  As is typical, much of the normal gaming session is filled with rules discussions, explanations, and general chatter in the game, and a far smaller portion of actual story progress.  The file has been uploaded to YouTube, as usual, and available immediately.

I have also linked a number of game accessories that we use during the game, which may be useful to other groups.

Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition –
Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook –
Pathfinder RPG Bestiary –
Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Pawn Collection –
Pathfinder Battles Iconics Set 1 –
Pathfinder Battles Iconics Set 2 –
Chessex Battlemat –


A couple years ago, I made a focused effort to combine the Pathfinder setting with the heavily house-ruled versions of Rolemaster that our group likes to play.  The result was a combination we billed as Pathmaster, with a significantly changed character generation system, and combat mechanics, all of which worked decently well with the Pathfinder setting.  Since then, we have changed game systems to other options, but the resources still exist, and some day, I am sure we will return.

At the time, I had the files posted for public use on my old version of the website – which has since been lost.  So I am posting them again now, with the latest iteration.  I will be adding a Pathmaster page to the site as well, so that any further development can be posted, but this will cover the topic for the time being.

Pathmaster (including Character Generation, Combat, Skills, and Spell Grimoire, plus Character Sheets and Equipment Lists)

Spell Grimoire (specifically just the Spell Grimoire)