Rebel reinforcements arriving

Continuing to expand my Star Wars Armada collection, although admittedly I have not played in a while.  The most recent release wave brings the Rebel capital ship, Profundity, a large ship which seems more than capable of going toe to toe with the Imperial Star Destroyers.  I am not very familiar with the ship design from any of the setting material – it isn’t one that I am aware of in the movies, so I expect it likely was in Star Wars Rebels, or in the novels.  Either way, it looks to be a strong anchor for a Rebel force.

Edit – did a bit of research, and admittedly I should have known where this ship featured.  During the Battle of Scarif, in the events of Rogue One, Jyn Erso transmitted the Death Star plans to the rebel fleet – the Profundity was the ship that received them.  Although it was disabled in the battle, it was able to transfer the plans to Tantive IV and Princess Leia before the Empire could stop them.

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