New Year, new Internet

For many years, many more than I can recall, I have always had AT&T for my internet service provider.  They have been a mostly reliable provider, with solid service, decent prices, and the top speeds in my area.  However, they have slipped a bit recently in the speed category and pricing.  Since I work from home, I try to keep my internet speed at the highest consumer tier available – previously 72 Mbit download, 8 Mbit upload.  In addition, I use the internet quite a bit, so last summer when AT&T added data caps, I ran into another price bump, with a $30 unlimited data addon (or $10 per 50 GB).  This pushed the overall package, even with extraneous addons and home phone service (that I never used) to provide bundling discounts, up to approximately $95/month.  Painful, but my only option given the market options in Ohio.

Then before Christmas, I checked with Spectrum on a whim, and found that they had just recently added a new high speed tier with 400 Mbit download and 20 Mbit upload speeds, with an ongoing price of $70, and unlimited data built in.  Needless to say, this got my attention, and we rather rapidly scheduled the installation.  Shortly after Christmas, the technician was out to install (a very professional guy named Richard), and with a quick swap of cables inside, our internet was on the new provider.

I gave it a few days to be sure there wasn’t some technical issue, but as of this morning, our relationship with AT&T has officially ended.  They still hold our wireless accounts, has not been any reason to change that as of yet and service in our area is good, but the internet and unused home phone is gone.

Fortunately, with our “vanity” domain email configuration, this was transparent for all of our accounts as well, and no need to update the hundreds of memberships and configurations.

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