Motivation is lacking

Over the last week or two, my motivation has been lacking significantly, mainly because of my “real” job during the day.  I still find this effort, as well as my podcasts and gaming activities interesting and rewarding, but when the other job wears you down and keeps you running from sun up to sun down, there is little energy and time to think about the “fun” stuff.

The good news is that I am still recording and collecting video and audio from game sessions, and have several projects in the works.  Unfortunately I just have not had time to process, edit, and publish this material, which is now 3 full game sessions behind (4 technically, but I lost one set).  My painting is progressing, but I haven’t had the time to really set that up for filming like intended.

However, there may be some relief in the future.  Work is hopefully starting to quiet down again – it always seems to come in waves, and the current storm is starting to pass.  And there are rumblings that one of the bi-weekly games may fade away, simply due to burnout – the players enjoy the game as do I, but they have similar difficulties with scheduling.  No doubt I would fill any gaps with other alternatives, but that may give me a chance to get back to Star Wars Armada or ramp up Runewars content.

In the meantime, Soccer season has ended for one son, and Football season for the other should only be another week or two before it wraps up.  Then there will be a major break until January, when Basketball starts.

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