Ark: Survival Evolved server failure

So apparently the provider from which I subscribe and rent a pair of Ark private servers “lost” my account information and my active server instance.  The good news (what there is) is that only one of the two servers was impacted, but unfortunately it was our primary gaming world – in which we had spent countless hours collecting, taming, and building.  Ultimately, its just a game, and no real person or animal was hurt.  But it is endlessly frustrating when the work and progress you have put together can be lost in an instant, without hopes of recovery.

After working with their tech support, we determined that the server was non-recoverable, and they could only build a new instance, where we could start over.  So far, that seems to be operational, but needless to say the family is not happy.  The only saving grace is that we likely would have wiped the world ourselves in a few weeks when Aberration comes out, but it would have been nice to actually have a choice in the timing.

In the meantime, the world has been re-born on The Island, and a new set of survivors is setting out to make their mark.

In consolation, the company granted me 2 free weeks of service credit, which definitely does not feel like a fair trade.

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My new plan is to maintain the account, but in the meantime deploy my own dedicated server instead.  Then at least when it is killed, I only have myself to blame.

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