Hero System – Nightshade

This another of the character backgrounds, in preparation for our upcoming Hero System campaign.  Nightshade is the energy blaster of the group, a rebellious teenager who excels at computer programming, and can manipulate electronics and computers at a distance.

For each character, these are drafts, some of the details may change before the game actually starts as I continue to fine tune.

Lauren Mayweather was a shy girl as a child, never really able to relate to socialize with the other kids.  Her parents, successful in their own careers, rarely had time for her, and so she grew up alone and isolated in the suburbs of The City.

She learned to read at an early age, by using her parent’s discarded electronic devices, cell phones, e-readers, and the like.  Here she found a near limitless gateway into the world, a place where boundless adventures could be experienced.

Eventually, reading made way into experimentation, as Lauren reached out to interact with the world, safe behind the digital walls.  Completely anonymous, she could interact with people and places, without fear of failure or rejection.  The fact that she was only 8 years old didn’t seem to matter to anyone, most of whom assumed she was much older.

By the age of 10, Lauren had fully adopted her online persona of Nightshade, and had developed he computer skills beyond almost everyone she seemed to interact with.  Always looking for more challenges, she continued to reach further into the darkest reaches of the web.

Today, Nightshade is only 16, but considered one of the premier hackers in the industry.  Although computer programming no longer holds much interest, her skills have advanced dramatically, and she is able to manipulate and control most electronic devices.  With the use of her keyboard and connections, she can cause machines to malfunction, electronics to explode, and even power cables to spark and arc.  In many cases, her ability to manipulate electronics defies logic, a talent she is as proud of as she is as secretive of.

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