Hero System – Lord British

This another of the character backgrounds, in preparation for our upcoming Hero System campaign.  Lord British is the brick of the group, a construction robot granted artificial intelligence after being used in programming experiments.

For each character, these are drafts, some of the details may change before the game actually starts as I continue to fine tune.

Lord British came online a mere 5 years ago, as a model 56-C construction bot.  Since then, several manufacturing flaws have discontinued the line, but British never received the recall order.  He was purchased and put to work no in construction, as per his programming, but instead as a lab experiment in the development of artificial intelligence.  Previous models had proved not durable enough – as the code was installed and compiled, the machines would rip themselves apart as the came online.  As a construction model, his chassis was expected to be far more resilient.

However, the computing power of the android was overloaded during the installation, and it caused a feedback loop in the lab.  Very quickly, as computer systems and generators began to cascade and fail, the building caught fire and all were killed.  When the smoke cleared, Lord British walked out of the rubble, fully aware and sentient, but otherwise undamaged by the experience.

Since that time, the android has attempted to adapt to “life” in The City.  Daily he faces prejudice and fear, though most simply assume he is another “dump” bot and barely give him notice.  He found a safe haven when he encountered Nightshade, who shares many aspects, and has since taken to the group in order to emulate and learn human behavior.

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