The great move is beginning

Although we have previously worked on a number of home repair and improvement projects, it isn’t really a move until the boxes arrive.  Our plan this year has been to sell the house, and move to a larger home, to fit the growing family and collections.  However, until recently, not much has actually progressed.  So I forced the issue, and began to pack up boxes, to clear the house.  My goal is 5-6 boxes per day, so the temporary storage locker is filling up steadily.

No doubt, there will be many more boxes before any such move actually happens.  In addition, I have collected my various tools, and will be transporting all of the larger items that don’t require boxes.  Our basic plan is to empty as much from the house as possible, so that it at least appears larger than it may be.  Then sell and buy a new house, before moving everything back.

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