Online streaming

My kids recently have taken an interested in online gaming streaming, specifically around our efforts with Ark: Survival Evolved.  After a bit of discussion, they have encouraged me to try my hand at that sort of effort and content again myself.  I had previously made some short-lived efforts which lived on Twitch, but never really got into the mechanics and process – and certainly never gained any sort of following – so it ended up dropped to the side.

The newest effort is to reside on YouTube, and continue to showcase our growing Ark environment on our private server.  Nothing too Earth-shattering here, we only really do PVE gaming, so there isn’t any massive battles or conflicts, though there is the occasional overly dangerous dinosaur.  Most of my time seems to be around the building of large structures, boats, or mobile bases, with the rare exploration or recovery mission of some item from the world.

If you are interested, tune in to my YouTube channel (I have other videos there too), and subscribe while you are there to be notified of future broadcasts or content.

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