Warhammer FRP

Although we haven’t played in quite a while, we are resuming our alternate gaming group this coming Sunday, and starting/continuing a campaign based on the Warhammer FRP game (second edition version).  This is not the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords group, but actually my original group of far more experienced players.

Its been a few years since we have played Warhammer, and I know that the version we are using is rather outdated these days – to the extent that there was a 3rd edition that has already come and gone.  Rumor is that a 4th edition is in the works for later this year, by a company called Cubicle 7, but I can’t find any information other than a general press release from early 2017.

Hopefully that version will be an improvement over versions 1 and 2, while still keeping the same spirit.  My understanding of version 3 is that it attempted to get all complicated with custom dice and such, which is trendy, but not conducive to playing lots of different games.

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