Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3, Part 4

Its taken quite a bit, but I finally managed to edit and finish the game video from our last session.  During this game, the group continues to explore Fort Rannick, searching for the leader of the ogres, in an attempt to defeat the brutes.  All the while, they are trying to avoid major conflict and discovery by the ogres, who so successfully had defeated the Black Arrow rangers.

Game was very successful, and the group had a lot of fun.  In several cases, they managed to become very much in character with their characters, something that has been a joy to see as the new players evolve with the gaming.

Audio was hampered by the presence of a fan, which unfortunately created a bit of wind noise early in the video.  I edited out what I could, and have acquired a “dead cat” to hopefully reduce or eliminate the issue in the future.  Video is about the same as before, still limited by the camera capabilities, but I added a number of basic graphics to hopefully help make it a bit clearer who was the focus of action, and whom they where interacting with, as appropriate.

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