Musical chairs

Another improvement I am hoping to make, as a result of my gaming video effort, is potentially a shift in the placement of each player.  Naturally, everyone has a difference voice volume.  However, this makes it troublesome on the video audio, since some players are close to the microphone and loud, and others are far away and talk softly.

This weeks game, I am going to try moving some of the players around, and hopefully minimize the effect.  In particular, our Cleric player is very quiet, and likes to sit at the far end of the table – she will be moved to right next to the microphone.  While our Druid and Barbarian are much more vocal, they will likely be moved to the far end.

The end result I hope to be a much clearer audio and smoother story, without me having to clumsily and artificially adjust the volume at specific parts of the video.

Admittedly, this is all rather basic I am sure to experienced videographers, but my process continues to learn and evolve as I go.  And I am certainly not “experienced”.

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