My editing process, part 4

With a complete color-corrected, trimmed, and enhanced with graphics video, my last step is to upload to the YouTube channel.  Pretty straightforward, but not without a few lessons learned.

Obviously, the first step is to log into YouTube, and start the basic upload.  This is the time consuming part, for my internet service it can run for a couple of hours, including the time it takes to upload, and the time it takes for YouTube to process and publish the video.

In the meantime, I can update the various settings on the YouTube page itself – the video title, date recorded, if it will be public or private, etc.  In particular, I select “Creative Commons – Attribution” in the License and Rights ownership, since I use YouTube’s provided royalty-free music for most videos.  I also fill in the video description with a basic summary of the content, and add a pre-compiled list of Amazon associate links (which I keep in a separate Notepad file), along with the Creative Commons attribution text.

If the video fits one of the playlist topics, that can be selected as well, and for Monetization I select overlay adds and skippable video ads.  Generally, I do not add mid-video adds – I don’t like them myself and I don’t want any viewers to be bothered with them either.

Once all that is done, I make a note of the video URL, and create a similar posting on my website, to link to the same thing.  Since the video tends to be published earlier than the WordPress posting is published, this gives a second link to the content.

The Twitter feed it updated automatically by both actions, as a basic setting within YouTube and WordPress – though I will likely disable the YouTube update in the future just to avoid the duplication.

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