FreeNAS 10 is dead, long live FreeNAS 11

So, after quite a bit of development and experimentation, I found out that apparently the Corral release of FreeNAS (FreeNAS 10.x) has been abandoned as unsupportable by the company that releases it.  Fundamentally, I don’t fault them for their decision – if there are too many problems it doesn’t make sense to keep it going.  Unfortunately, since I took the leap from 9.10 to 10.x, I no longer have an upgrade or migration path to the planned version 11.x, set to release next week, and my current version will eventually no doubt develop critical errors (or at least security concerns).

As a result, I am faced with the prospect of a re-install of FreeNAS to the latest 9.10 build, or the new 11.0 build, but either way, a rebuild.  Although this “should” not impact my actual data, it does force a re-creation of all of the plug-ins and their configuration.  10.x used a Docker-based environment, 9.x and 11.x use the older Jails-based environment, and the two are not directly compatible.

What this means is that in the near future, I will have to take the site offline, and recreate it, and (fingers crossed) re-import all my posts and configuration.  This of course will need to be done with several Dockers I use for various tasks, but the most visible will of course by my WordPress site.

The silver lining is that this gives me a very good excuse to fully document the build and configuration process starting from step 0….

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