A couple years ago, I made a focused effort to combine the Pathfinder setting with the heavily house-ruled versions of Rolemaster that our group likes to play.  The result was a combination we billed as Pathmaster, with a significantly changed character generation system, and combat mechanics, all of which worked decently well with the Pathfinder setting.  Since then, we have changed game systems to other options, but the resources still exist, and some day, I am sure we will return.

At the time, I had the files posted for public use on my old version of the website – which has since been lost.  So I am posting them again now, with the latest iteration.  I will be adding a Pathmaster page to the site as well, so that any further development can be posted, but this will cover the topic for the time being.

Pathmaster (including Character Generation, Combat, Skills, and Spell Grimoire, plus Character Sheets and Equipment Lists)

Spell Grimoire (specifically just the Spell Grimoire)

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