Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.3 (video)

Finished the initial edit of the latest game, with the full game video.  Tried a different technique, due to the angle of the camera.  Given its position (and lack of a zoom), there was a lot of surrounding view of the group and activity.  Although its not really an issue, it does tend to be rather distracting, and my goal is to minimize or eliminate the “people” in the video – the intent is the game, not the players.  As such, I tried to apply a mask to the video which fades to black all of the region around the game board.  For the most part, it seems to have worked well, and Davinci Resolve fortunately can auto-track the board itself to follow along during any camera or board movement.

The group during this session was focused on their assault of the ogres currently occupying Fort Rannick.  They decided to break into 2 groups, and eventually 3 groups, based on their specialities, and each take a different tactic.  For the most part, this was fairly successful, though by the end of the group, several find themselves in a rather precarious location.

I am still intending to do a “summary” version which should be much shorter, but that will depend on my free time and availability of the next week.

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