Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.2 (video)

Another round of the Pathfinder campaign, continuing Chapter 3 of the Rise of the Runelords this time.  The group of 10 adventurers are still at level 7, but after their success in the second chapter, managed to gather a small number of magical items to assist with their questing, and have begun to explore the regions around Turtleback Ferry.  This session was unfortunately unable to be attended by 3 of the characters (cleric, wizard, and paladin), which challenged the rest of the team with the reduction in healing ability.

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As a continuing experiment, I am filming and recording the game sessions, to post to YouTube.  Each week is an incremental improvement – this week I am using my recent audio upgrade to a Zoom H1 audio recorder, which significantly improves the audio quality.  Video is also notably improved – both the clarity of the picture is better, the coloration is improved (thanks to auto-color grading in the editing software), and there are no Monk players with their head in frame.  I also continue to evolve the overall format as well, adding both a couple of title frames, and a character summary along the bottom.  No doubt those will continue to change with each new video.

Biggest difficulty I ran into this time was a lack of storage space – the memory cards on the camera ran out of space without me realizing it, so I lost a little more than an hour of video.  Since I am using a 32 GB and a 2 GB card, an upgrade this week to 2x 32 GB cards should resolve that issue for future recording sessions.  Current settings allow for about 3 1/2 hours in a 32 GB card, and our games rarely ever go for 7 hours.  Audio is not an issue at all – the current settings allow for 15+ hours with the memory card at a time.

These videos will no doubt continue to be the summary of the game session as well, since it seems redundant to write out the story also.  As always, I welcome any constructive feedback anyone may have, to improve both the entertainment value or general quality of the video.

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