Pathfinder, meet the characters

Its been a while since I posted a copy of the current characters for our existing Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords campaign, so I wanted to provide an update.  In truth, my previous post may not have survived the original website outage back in January/February, so this may end up being the first such posting.

To give a bit of background, the group is using the pre-generated Iconics for Pathfinder, and have since the start of the campaign.  Originally, we were using the Cypher RPG system for Chapter 1, with converted characters.  But when Chapter 2 was started, we switched back to regular Pathfinder and started with the “official” characters.  Since then, obviously gear has evolved, and I have advanced the characters based on player tendencies and preferences, rather than by any published guidelines.  Normally, the players would do the advances, however with a set of 10 players all of which are new to Pathfinder, such an exercise would be very time consuming.  Instead, I make a judgement based on their actions and preferences during the game, and some campaign knowledge.

Rise of the Runelords Party, Level 8

Of note – none of these characters are listed with gear beyond normal or masterwork – all magic items have been removed from the character sheet to support our system of Magic Item Cards we use.  This provides the player with the basic bonuses, and then they add the specifics according to their current magic items.  And the cards allow for the flexibility of each player trading items as desired, and by having the players do the math necessary at each action, it helps to reinforce the mechanics.

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