Improvements in videos

I continue to study and learn the details of the Davinci Resolve software, so that I can better edit and adjust videos.  It may or may not be visible in the last couple of postings, but each time, the quality improves incrementally.  Certainly there is a lot I still don’t understand, but each day I learn a little bit more.

Today, the focus was on streamlining the editing process, specifically around a consistent intro and exit to each video.  Not being familiar with Resolve, it takes a bit of learning, especially since it isn’t very intuitive as to how to re-use previously created pieces.  For example, using the same title cards for Armada or Pathfinder, and inserting them into a different game footage, it a bit more complex than it might appear.  Same thing with the end titles, though at least those don’t need to blend nearly as well.

I also still need to figure out how to create a standard logo intro sequence, so that I can put it before each of the videos.  I have lots of ideas, just no technical experience to be able to do so.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear your feedback on the best resources or places to go for information and examples.

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