Battle Planning

In preparation for the next Pathfinder session, I left the group with the task of coming up with their battle plans for Fort Rannick.  If you haven’t caught up on the storyline, reference the latest chapter of the YouTube chronicle.  This is the first time many of the group have even considered such a level of planning, since almost all are very new to roleplaying in general, and Pathfinder specifically.  And to my knowledge, none have tactical military knowledge.  Given their past creativity, I am eager to see what ideas they come up with to even the odds against the ogres.

For their consideration, I prepared a map of the Fort exterior, with some basic notes as provided by their ally Jakardros.  Depending on their ideas, they may be able to gain additional intelligence, before they commit to an assault plan.  And since they have a full 10 players, it is quite possible that they can try two or even three approaches simultaneously, and really play up to the strengths of the different characters.

Of particular challenge will be the group’s spell casters, who need to pre-memorize their spell allotments and plan ahead for the days combats.  By now, all players should understand the ground rules and mechanics, and with their large selection of spells (and enough time to plan), it will be interesting to see the combinations they come up with.

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