Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 3.1 (video)

Another round of the Pathfinder campaign, starting Chapter 3 of the Rise of the Runelords this time.  The group of 10 adventurers are still at level 7, but after their success in the second chapter, managed to gather a small number of magical items to assist with their questing.  The latest session was unfortunately unable to be attended by 3 of the characters (barbarian, rogue, and bard).  However, the rest of the group was successful in following a number of the leads, and reaching the next stage of the adventure.

As a new experiment, I have resumed filming and recording the game session, to post to YouTube.  Still very much a work in progress, though the sound is at least decent quality.  Video however still needs some work – it was a bit blurry due to need to digitally zoom (a bad choice for my camera), and much of the footage was blocked by one of the players (a bad choice in positioning on my part).  Future efforts will attempt to mitigate both factors as much as possible.

I may post a short synopsis of the game, but in the meantime enjoy the video itself, along with the face of Sajan covering much of one of the characters.

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