Review – Lego Batman

Had the chance to see Lego Batman with the family yesterday.  Overall, I would say it was enjoyable, but not very fulfilling.  As a long time Batman fan, and a fan of Lego, it could have been a very fun movie.  And in general, it was fun.  Unfortunately, it just felt like it didn’t really have any substance.  There were a number of references to the old versions, movies, animated series, etc, which was entertaining, and a handful of decent jobs.  However, the entire story seemed very rushed, and definitely overcrowded in characters.

I know there was a desire to put in all the characters, but when they ran out of mainstream, they added fringe characters.  And once those were in, then they expected into all the various characters under the Warner Bros. umbrella.  The end story thus felt overcrowded and very muddy – almost impossible to follow all the individual characters and with the movie unable to really express each as a separate character.

Truly, this was a movie aimed towards kids.  However, in the past, prior Lego efforts at least made some effort to entertain the adults as well.  This one, not so much, and at the end, we were a bit bored with the movie.  My kids of course enjoyed it far more, and likely could keep up with all the details.  But for adults looking for an entertaining kids movie, it could have used a bit more work (and probably 15 more minutes to slow down the pacing).

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