FreeNAS Day 2

It ran until late last night, but I can say at this point that my recent FreeNAS rebuild/upgrade is almost entirely complete, and definitely running well at this point.  There was quite a bit to learn, what with the change from Jails to Containers, and all the new configuration items, which was not made any easier by the upgrade failure itself.  However, all my critical data appears to be intact, and the rest is hard at work rebuilding.

In total, I have the following modules reloaded and configured properly:

  • FreeNAS Corral (obviously, as the core OS)
  • Plex, for TV and Movie services
  • NZBget, as a replacement for SABnzbd
  • Sonaar, for TV cataloging
  • Couchpotato, for Movie cataloging
  • WordPress (running this site fully now)
  • NextCloud, for a personal cloud service (still repopulating with my cloud data)
  • Graphite and Grafana, for monitoring of resource consumption (still struggling with making the charts useful)

If I get the chance, I may write up some lessons learned and a minimal tutorial on each piece, but it will have to wait until I get the other Containers set up and running.

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