Twitter challenges

Continuing to struggle with the site configuration a bit.  I recently added a new theme, which has a much cleaner interface, and there will likely be cosmetic changes over the next few weeks.  However, one side challenge I keep facing is the auto-Twitter feed, which is supposed to link a connection each time a new post is published.  For some reason, that is not working, and has not since the initial post.  Might see a few miscellaneous test posts as a result, until I can sort out why it isn’t working.  That being said, if you wish to follow my feed, please subscribe to @Halfling1101, or select any of the Twitter links.

Although I use Facebook and other social media, I don’t link to them thru this site, preferring to keep those sources private (and admittedly rarely used).  Not that I post to Twitter all the much, but fortunately it is relatively automated.

Update – seems this latest one published to Twitter successfully, though prior ones did not.  Not sure what the difference was, I don’t believe I did anything differently.

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