Rise of the Runelords, Chapter 2.8 (or so)

This last Sunday was the latest session of our ongoing “new players” campaign for Pathfinder, using the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.  To cover the background in very brief, this is a group of young players and parents, none of whom have played before, learning Pathfinder together as a team.  Originally, it was set for 5 players, but it rapidly exploded to a group of 10, which adds its own challenged.  However, to date, everyone seems to fully enjoy the game and be fully vested in the storyline.

The latest session is nearing the end of Chapter 2 – The Skinsaw Murders.  The group has been investigating the leads of murders performed by the murder, the Skinsaw Man (their old friend, Aldern Foxglove), and following numerous leads.  First, this led them to Magnimar, and from their to the hideout of the evil cult, the Brother’s Seven.  After defeating the cultists, they found further clues leading them under the Underbridge in Magnimar, to the old Shadow Clock, to track down the lead villain, a person referred to as Xanesha.

Arriving at the Shadow Clock, the group entered the ancient and crumbling tower, leaving behind a few to scout the outside.  While inside, they were quickly set upon by a Flesh Golem, set as a sentinel to guard the approach.  With the combined might of the group, the golem was rather quickly defeated, though it did manage several strong strikes against the warriors of the team.  Setting off from there, the group separated, and began climbing the interior of the tower.

The barbarian (carrying the gnome druid), rapidly ascended with the use of a spider-climb spell, outpacing the group.  The rogue and the monk opted to attempt a free climb on the interior wall – after a hesitant start the monk managed, and the rogue was successful, but opted for the stairs after the height began to become dangerous.  The rest of the group opted for the slow but steady climb up the old stairs themselves.  The climb was interrupted however about mid-way up when from above, the aged bronze bells of the tower broke lose (or were cut), and dropped down on the group.  The bells, bouncing along the interior of the tower, smashed into the fighter, the cleric, and the wizard, with only the rogue deftly dodging out of the way.  Fortunately, the rest of the group was quick to act, and quickly managed to grab the fallen trio and swing them to safety.  While the team caught their breath, the barbarian and druid (far ahead of the rest of the group), continued on and reached the tower summit.

At the top, they discovered that the upper level was far from abandoned.  Though treacherous to reach due to old wooden scaffolding, the area itself was richly appointed with silks and pillows, and a collection of chests.  As they began to take that in, and determine what it meant, they were surprised to hear from behind them (seemingly in mid-air), a hissing voice call out “you… ssshhhould not have come here….

We ended on that cliff hanger for the week, to be continued at the next session.

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