Pathfinder’s Rise of the Runelords campaign

Not that I have been posting for a while (what with the dead site and all), but I have been actively running a brand new group of players thru the Pathfinder campaign module The Rise of the Runelords, since approximately June 2016.  It started out as a small group of my son’s friends, and rapidly grew into a significant group of 10 players.  Some kids, some adults, all new to roleplaying.

Originally, we started with the Cypher system (from Monte Cook Games), mainly as a more basic system, easier to learn, without focusing on mechanics.  The group took to the story and game very well, and by the end of the first chapter of the campaign both they and I were eager for something with a bit more crunch.  As a result, I converted them over to true Pathfinder, and so far we have not looked back.

The group consists of 10 of the Paizo Pathfinder Iconics – Ezren, Valeros, Kyra, Harsk, Ameri, Merisiel, Seelah, Sajan, Lem, and Lini, along with Lini’s pet panther.  Though they started off with the “official” character at level 4, they have since advanced and been customized independently as the player has learned and expressed changes in interest.

Although I am definitely lacking in terms of story logs and write-ups, the group is having a blast, and the kids can’t seem to get enough.  I continue to be impressed by their ability to catch and remember all of the minor details, frequently much better than my own memory, and I am the one filling in a lot of the details.

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