Missing post

Missed my regularly scheduled post, thanks to a series of distractions.  Most notably was playing Total War: Warhammer with my son, but I am also dealing with the tail end of a sinus infection, and the gout in my foot seems to have returned.  Overall, a rough day, though I should be thankful that at least work is currently semi-quiet.

Life Skills

Those who know me know that my ability to deal with car maintenance is limited to oil and washer fluid, or adding air to tires. My son however seems to have a knack for it though, as he quickly and easily replaced the tire on the back of the car. Perhaps this might be a career option?

Runewars – Waiqar vs Latari

Finally got a chance to play some more Runewars, which has been quite some time.  As a result, both of my son’s ended up playing against each other, while I attempted to decipher and teach the rules.  Fairly quickly, they both picked up the game, and managed to get a series of maneuvers that surprised myself and each other.  Still not sure we are playing the game entirely correct yet, but both seemed to have fun, which is really what matters.

In the end we called it a draw, since neither side accomplished any of the mission objectives.

Outcasts s01e03

The Heroes assault the Hounds of Chaos on their own turf, and disrupt their criminal enterprise.

Season 01, Episode 02 of the Outcasts campaign, a continuing gaming Audio Podcast of our Hero System (Champions) Superhero campaign.

Fall – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hero System – episode 3

Running a little bit behind schedule, but should be wrapping up the audio podcast for the last Hero System game this evening, or early tomorrow.  Condensed down very well – a 8 hour session only had about 30 minutes of content, thanks to a combat heavy session.  Going to experiment with sound effects to spice up the audio a bit, but may or may not continue with that for future episodes.

Laptop upgrade

Spending the evening working on the wife’s laptop, to upgrade the factory stock SSD drive from 512 GB to a new 1 TB SSD drive.  Most of the effort is relatively easy (cloning the drive), but the real challenge will be the actual replacement.  For various reasons, laptops these days no longer have the “easy” access thru the bottom, now it is required to remove the keyboard and go in thru the top.  The work isn’t that complicated, but can be challenging to keep everything straight (and not lose the small screws).  Fingers crossed it goes without issue.