Hero System – Captain Morgan

This another of the character backgrounds, in preparation for our upcoming Hero System campaign.  Captain Morgan is the gadgeteer of the group, a pirate from the 1700’s cursed with immortality, who has recently decided it is time to do something of value with his life.

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Hero System – Spider Monkey

This is the first of several character backgrounds, in preparation for our upcoming Hero System campaign.  Spider Monkey is the speedster of the group, a small spider monkey that was experimented on in a science lab, before escaping into the wilds of The City, to join the group.

For each character, these are drafts, some of the details may change before the game actually starts as I continue to fine tune.

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Hero System

So, change in plans (again), and my efforts for miniature painted are derailed.  After our last non-Pathfinder gaming session, the second group I participate in (which is not recorded or posted) dropped our current Warhammer FRP roleplaying campaign.  Not exactly sure why, but one of the players had had enough, and the rest agreed that it was likely time to wrap it up.  Not a major concern, since I was a player, though it is nice to be able to be the player rather than the GM at times.

After much debate, we settled on switching GMs to myself, and switching games to Hero System, specifically with a Superhero based story.  Due to numerous difficulties with the system in the past, primarily around character balance and player interpretation of the rules, it was decided that the GM (me) would pre-generate the team of heroes, and the players would then use those.  That way in concept all the heroes are balanced, and the storyline can actually relate to the characters.

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Hardly a stable week

So just when I am starting to get comfortable that my network and server configuration is nice and stable, of course I suffer an outage.  If you had been trying to reach my site over the last couple of days (since Saturday), most likely the connection was up and down.  This was due to an apparent disruption within my AT&T provider service.  Initially, they thought it was the router in my home – so they scheduled a next-day technician.  The following morning, the router was self-corrected and working again, so they claimed “line noise” – and sent the technician out anyway.  As expected, the tech was unable to see anything on the router or the line connection, though he ran thru his various tests.  In the end, he offered a replacement (which would likely not have gained anything), and did a factory reset on the existing box.  He then left, with the internet service functional.

Unfortunately, that factory reset wiped my custom configuration in which I use IP Passthrough to connect my personal router to the AT&T provided router, and host my website and other functionality.  Of course, I never really wrote down all the configuration (my error), so it became a trial and error process to recreate and reconnect everything.  The connection wasn’t too hard, but for some reason my connection to the site, when I was in my home, would not reconnect – although external access appeared to be functional.  Since every test or option I had seemed to require a reboot of the network, that meant I had to wait until Monday to resolve (since the family likes their internet access to be working).

At this point though, I believe it is all resolve and everything is once again connecting, functional, and stable – at least until the next ISP outage happens…

Death in the Pathfinder campaign

Had our first death of a character during our Rise of the Runelords campaign, which came as a bit of a shock to most of the group.  Exploring an old structure underneath the Skull’s Crossing dam, they set off a construct guardian, a Skullripper.  The rogue, opening the wrong door at the wrong time, happened to get its attention immediately, and despite the group’s best efforts, rather rapidly had her head removed from her body.  The paladin and cleric almost shared the same fate, but with the combined efforts of much of the group, they managed to destroy the creature, but not before the loss of their friend.

Fortunately, death is only temporary in Pathfinder, so the group now needs to sort out how to bring the character back during the next session.