Pathfinder update – Rise of the Runelords “crawl”

We continue to progress on the Rise of the Runelords campaign, though I am many sessions behind on the videos and podcasts.  The biggest challenge at this though seems to be the slow crawl of progression – between a complex high-level game (the characters are level 11 now), and a very large group of 10 players, our 5 hour gaming sessions seem to make very little progress.  This last round, we conducted a single combat, and barely started a second.  Admittedly the second combat was finished, but more due to group creativity removing the foe from any interaction than any real combat.  With 10 players, and having to continue to go over the mechanics and rules repeatedly over the session, our progress seems to be slower than a snail.  I guess the good news is that would make the video editing faster, since there is very little content, but it is still a multi-hour process, which is part of why I am so far behind.

Zombicide delay

Skipping my bi-weekly routine of painting zombies, quite simply because I have been unable to properly prime a new set of walkers.  The weather has been very cold, but more importantly either wet or snowy, or both, and I have no inside spot to use spray paint.  As such, I have to a wait for a dry couple of days, and ideally a bit of warmth, before I can prep the last of the Black Plague set.  Which is putting me behind schedule, because I now have Wolfsburg wolves to do as well.

Teamviewer replacement

Running a bit late today, so posting late.  Been distracted, running into issues with my long-term go-to for remote management, Teamviewer.  While trying to update various computers around the house, I started encountering a 5-minute time limit, apparently due to concerns I might be using the software for business purposes.  Although I do not use it for business, I fully admit that my particular household has probably a lot more computers that a typical home owner.  As such, I don’t really blame them for the restrictions.

However, it doesn’t help me with my current needs, so after a bit of investigation, I have opted to convert instead to Remote Utilities.  Same basic idea – remote management – but actually rather more detailed and comprehensive.  And a little more generous – or at least explicit – in their free licensing, allowing a specified 10 remote systems instead of Teamviewer’s “whatever we feel like”.  Has been a bit of a learning curve, both to configure and secure the installation, but so far it is working fairly well.  And I would say it runs noticeably faster than Teamviewer, even with similar performance options.

Imperial revisions

The second half of the latest Star Wars Armada release wave is the Imperial Chimaera, which adds variants to the existing Imperial-Class Star Destroyers.  This pack was rather large, including not only the Chimaera model itself, but also two Mandalorian Guantlet fighter squadrons, along with all the cards and upgrades for both.  Interestingly, it also comes with several copies of the variants for the Imperial-Star Destroyer, so that models you already have can outfit the same options.  Though a pricey pack, it was not more expensive than the prior ISDs, so I was surprised to see all the extra content.  However, since I typically am flying Rebels, now I need to figure out how to deal with all the new Imperial options.

GURPs Warhammer – session 1

Finally had a chance to start our long-awaited GURPs campaign, though we unfortunately did not get as far as hoped.  After our prior session, there was some desire to modify characters, and we added 2 additional players who had to start from the beginning.  As a result, we did not actually begin the real story until late into the session, and then we unexpectedly had a conflict with our location, and had to cut the session short.

Would you like to know more?

Rebel reinforcements arriving

Continuing to expand my Star Wars Armada collection, although admittedly I have not played in a while.  The most recent release wave brings the Rebel capital ship, Profundity, a large ship which seems more than capable of going toe to toe with the Imperial Star Destroyers.  I am not very familiar with the ship design from any of the setting material – it isn’t one that I am aware of in the movies, so I expect it likely was in Star Wars Rebels, or in the novels.  Either way, it looks to be a strong anchor for a Rebel force.

Edit – did a bit of research, and admittedly I should have known where this ship featured.  During the Battle of Scarif, in the events of Rogue One, Jyn Erso transmitted the Death Star plans to the rebel fleet – the Profundity was the ship that received them.  Although it was disabled in the battle, it was able to transfer the plans to Tantive IV and Princess Leia before the Empire could stop them.