Watching Paint Dry

I have been planning to get back into miniature painting again for some time, and even went to the effort of designing and configuring a new youtube channel.  However, it has taken until now for me to actually get started.  Hopefully by the time this posts, I will have an actually painted miniature, with a video to follow, but for now, here is the clean and pre-primed base image of the first lucky figure, Clovis, from the base set of Zombicide: Black Plague.

Update – What was supposed to be a nice posting with a fully painting miniature ended up a bit of a disaster.  Ready to go, camera set and running, I started to pour out some paint.  Unfortunately, the paint I have is rather old, and the nozzles are more than a little clogged with old paint.  Some attempts to clean it, and a bit of pressure on the bottle, and next thing I know, the cap pops off and liquid paint blasts out.  This splattered across the desk, the wall, my shirt and paints, and much of my face.  I even managed to get a very small amount on the figure itself.  Needless to say, my time was then spent cleaning, rather than painting, and it is back to the design phase to possibly replace some of the old paints.

Runewars Recruits – Waiqar Infantry Command

To go along side the Daqan command unit, we added the associated Waiqar command unit.  Similar in theme, and similarly simple in construction, the detail continues to impress.  These are of course for the Runewars Miniatures game, the full unit name being the Waiqar Infantry Command unit.  I particularly like the skeletal drummer, previous musicians I have for other games just didn’t seem to feel the same, or have the same sense of energy.

Troubles at work

So I had a grand plan to start my painting miniatures series last night, and even organized, packed up, and hauled all the gear out to my location so I would be ready.  Miniature primed and ready to go, camera charged and set.  And then work develops an issue with one of my clients, with a major outage on a critical application.  8 hours later, the issue is resolved, but my night was gone, and the time for painting is past.  So much for the best laid plans.  Tonight hopefully will be quieter so that I can sit and focus, but now my concern is that I might not be able to finish the figure in a single evening.

Runewars recruits – Daqan Infantry Command

Adding a few units to the Runewars Miniatures collection with my younger son, this time adding in the Runewars: Daqan Infantry Unit Upgrade Expansion Pack, to boost the infantry units.  Obviously not painted yet, but assembled and otherwise ready to go.  Compared to other plastics that I have assembled, these continue to be remarkable easy to assemble, and still maintain their detail.  They are not quite as customizable as other sets, but they don’t really need to be, and it makes it much easier to avoid mistakes like the wrong arm on the wrong body.

Bullet journaling

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a couple of new notebooks, with the intent of managing a variety of activities.  In particular, I wanted a way to track the various work related activities.  I had previously experimented a bit with the process known as Bullet Journaling, but fundamentally, I couldn’t really get behind the method.  For me, it seemed forced to pre-create a list of action items, and then work on completing them – I mainly had too many items to track and recall, so it didn’t work reliably.  Thus it was abandoned after a few days.

Instead, the approach I am taking is what I interpret as a modified bullet journal (or at least my interpretation of the process).  Sitting down at the computer, I go thru my emails from the previous night, and for each one, create a journal entry and action item.  If complete or just for notification, I mark it off.  Otherwise, I have an action list for followup items and actions.  As more email comes in thru the day, I add to the list.

I still keep to the standard of one day per page, and some other pieces, but thus far (after about 2 weeks), the process is working.  I have noticed that I am far more away and able to track the various items, which helps significantly.  And I no longer feel that action items are slipping thru the cracks.

Of course, it will remain to be seen if this remains a long term method, but for now, the notebook is working well.

Outcasts s01e02

Heroes are challenged to deal with the problems of the city, and face challenges and conflict. The first recorded session of the campaign.

Season 01, Episode 02 of the Outcasts campaign, a continuing gaming Audio Podcast of our Hero System (Champions) Superhero campaign.

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