Zombicide: Black Plague – Walkers

Finished the first set of Walkers, a set of 7 female zombies.  I had posted before that I rather liked the “dirt” effect the wash applied, although it did not look all that great with a couple of color combinations.  Fortunately, after a bit of dry brushing, the colors recovered quite a bit, and I like the overall look a lot better now.  Those that were strong previously are just as strong, but the weaker ones recovered quite a bit.

Unfortunately, the highlighting did not do much for the rest of the sculpts, except for the faces – where the lighter color brings out the basic facial features much better.  Beyond that, hair, skin, and miscellaneous did not really improve much.

However, once applying a bit of gore and blood, the contrast became more apparent.  For some, the colors are complimentary, and the model works well.  Unfortunately, for a few (dark blue and red in particular), the contrast works against the design and looks strange.  Arguably realistic (again, you generally don’t color coordinate your clothes before becoming a zombie), but distracts a bit from the figures themselves.

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