Gaming schedule update

With the holidays, my regularly scheduled games have been a bit up in the air.  The Pathfinder – Rise of the Runelords campaign is still going, but has been cancelled once or twice due to conflicts.  However, we have a bonus game this weekend, and a regular one next weekend, so should be able to move forward again.  And will give me a chance to try out some new gadgets 🙂

As for the Superhero campaign, that one appears to have fizzled out.  Between a combination of scheduling challenges (more than a few games have been cancelled), the holidays, and the loss of one of our regular players, the campaign appears to be dead at this point.  I would say that we made it through about 75% of the planned campaign, so it wasn’t too bad, and I have the audio podcast content for when I want to get caught up on my publishing.

However, in January, the Hero game will likely be replaced with a new storyline and game system, and if plans hold, a couple of additional regular players.  Right now, I am considering Sci-Fi in general, but haven’t yet decided between Starfinder, Traveller, or the old West End Games Star Wars.  Though we may end up choosing something else completely different.

In addition, if we have a lack of players, I may opt for a second option, and turn it into a regular bi-weekly board game session, and be able to play either Star Wars Armada or Zombicide with some regularity again.  As we get closer, I will post updates, but if you have an preference or interest in particular content, let me know in the comments below.

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