DNS challenges

I continue to tinker with the website, trying to add features and options, and continue to struggle a bit with the DNS record configuration.  In my case, I utilize GoDaddy for my domain registration, which works well, but my custom configuration is challenging, as I found out today after trying to make modifications.

In parallel to this site, which I self-host, I have a self-hosted Nextcloud server running for personal cloud storage.  However, I only have a single IP connecting to my home.  Thus I need two different ports to use to configure the different sites, so that standard web traffic reaches halfling13.com (the wordpress site), and limited traffic reaches halfling13.com (the nextcloud site).  On my firewall, this is simple, port in connects to port out on an internal IP.  However, in DNS registration, this seems to be far more complicated that I had hoped.  halfling13.com and www.halfling13.com should go to the port 80 website, and nextcloud.halfling13.com should go to the port 443 https website.

Unfortunately, I can’t decipher how to enter A records, CNAMEs, SRV records, or subdomain forwarding to make that all work at the same time.

If you have any hints, feel free to drop in a comment – I am challenged when it comes to DNS.

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