Zombicide: Black Plague – Necromancer

Having finished the core set of 6 survivors, I then began on the villains of the game.  I had planned on starting the Abomination, but ended up starting with the Necromancer.  The basecoat had me concerned, the piece began to become very muddy with the various dark colors, but after the highlighting, the detail started to come out.  In particular, I was rather happy with the face and head, after the recommended layers.  The skull and staff as well managed to turn out well.  As before, this round benefited from my new glasses, especially around the waist and decorations, but unfortunately I missed the second red sash until after the highlighting.  In my case, I opted to ignore it, and leave the second piece as simply an extension of the cloak, but those familiar with the piece or who look closely may spot the error.

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