Magic the Gathering – 2017 Tournament

Working with my son, we have decided to try to host a Magic the Gathering tournament for our local gaming groups and associates.  Technically open for anyone, the invite is really limited mainly to our local cub scouts, boy scouts, and gaming groups – though in concept anyone could join in.  For our first attempt, this is a simple 60-card deck competition, with each deck pre-built as desired by each player, and a single-elimination format.  Assuming more than a couple of players, I will provide some prizes for the top 3 players, in the form of some booster packs.  First round is set to start at 6 PM on 11/22, and we will game until we have a winner.

In truth, I have never attempted something like this, so it will be a bit of an experiment.  Best case, it might become a yearly tradition.  Worse case, I get to hang out with my son for a few hours.

Stay tuned after 11/22 for the results.

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