The Copic marker search begins

Although I have very little familiarity with the product, my wife is very much interested in a complete set of Copic markers, for her artwork and crafting.  The only problem is the very large investment – individual markers run at the $7 or $8 range, with 300 or 400 different colors (not really sure how big the collection is).  Although we can order them thru Amazon, at a decent discount, it is still a large amount of money in a single purchase (about $350 for one of several sets).

Thus the current plan and theory – purchase them individually thru Michael’s Stores – utilizing their in-store 40% discount coupon.  Since we are limited to only a single marker per purchase, this means a very long collection time, since I don’t go to Michael’s very frequently.  With my travel, there is a convenient location, but it limits me to 3 or 4 every other week.

So with a suggested starting color listing in hand, tonight begins the great search and collection project – something that could easily send me to Michael’s and related stores for the next several years.  Stay tuned for the progress.

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