Successful painting effort

Though I am not yet finished, I had a rather successful second attempt at painting a miniature.  This time, the paint did not explode all over me.  I did determine that my eyesight isn’t quite a good as it used to be – the fine details are rather difficult to see these days – but not enough that I wasn’t able to complete most of the task.

I was able to do the base coat, and apply the washes, but then had to let the figure dry over night before I work on the dry-brushing this evening.  Overally, I am quite happy with the results, and briefly considered leaving the figure as is, and calling it done.  But my goal was full painting, so I am going to wrap it up this evening.

Did not end up video taping the job, mainly due to the effort involved in the camera.  However, I am considering that this may be a worthwhile streaming option for Twitch or YouTube, which would also create the archive video.  Just need to figure out the best way of handling that while travelling.

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