Long lost memory

A long time ago (about 10 years or so), I created a detailed character sheet for the roleplaying game Rolemaster.  This was based in Excel, and took advantage of the programming and database options in the spreadsheet to automate most of the character generation process.  It used several hidden pages to consolidate various options and data, so that the player could semi-quickly create and print their character, and all the math and cross-referencing would already be done.

In our case, this made Rolemaster a usable system.  In comparison, the first time we attempted characters by hand, it was a full day process – with this character sheet, it dropped to an hour or less in most cases.

As the character sheet evolved, I posted it to the ICE forums (and a few other places), for the use of others who might find value in it.  And subsequently forgot about it as we drifted away to other games.

Then today, doing a total random search on Google for my name, I came upon a post from an old player who had attempted to use it, and modify the data for their own games.  Although my response will likely go unnoticed as well, it brought back the memory of working on the file so long ago, and makes me a bit nostalgic for the old Rolemaster system.

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